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The idea behind a SwissCorps suitable is actually one of recognition rather than military-grade rating. By popular demand, SwissCorps allows Zazzle to manufacture and ship a SwissCorps branded suitcase which immediately stands out visually and makes it extremely easy to identify and retrieve luggage for both SwissCorps staff, trainers, members, and customers.

The Zazzle-manufactured suitcase does meet SwissCorps quality standards but is to be considered as branded merchandise rather than an official SwissCorps product.

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Building on the record of military transport for missions and deployment, both individual and in contingents, SwissCorps has designed a line of products that will meet and exceed the expectations of travelers, both civilian and military.

In particular, our team benchmarked the SwissCorps Urban/Tactical backpack against other available solutions, notably SwissGear products as well as military surplus samples.

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