Ski & Sports Helmets (Convertible)


In designing and sourcing this helmet, SwissCorps carefully reviewed essential all-in-one functions associated with deployment and actions in possibly extreme mountain and snow environments. The features are:

  • military-grade design and form
  • convertible wider function (ski / cycling / other sports)
  • review of performance testing
  • on-the-mountain tested functionality
  • breathability.

We opted not to include pockets for flat earphones/speakers due to better alternatives for both armed forces, expeditions, and all-purpose snow use.

Expect to see an updated model arrive in the summer of 2021 to prepare for the upcoming 2021/2022, post-COVID-19, season.

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There are several reasons to consider owning a convertible helmet. The main ones are about saving: saving space on trips and deployments; saving money on essential equipment.

This is as good a place as any to state it categorically: there is no good reason not to wear a helmet. The time has come to embrace safety as a basic principle. SwissCorps does not recommend the use of permanently attached cameras, as this is believed to represent a safety risk.

"In skating...

over thin ice...

our safety is our speed."

Ralph Waldo Emerson