The problem with ski goggles is that we are drowned in them. There was a time when a few brands – maybe five – offered each about five models – and that was that. Sure, goggles have become incredibly affordable these days, or rather the price range is amazing from $25 to upwards of $200 for a pair of fancy Oakley Prizms. At SwissCorps, we believe that we have produced the best goggles that can be designed and manufactured with our M1S model which not surprisingly has earned five stars at Amazon. But in this blog post, what we want to talk about is not the M1S or discuss the actual optical merits of Prizm (vs Vivid/Sky, etc). No, the unspoken challenge and complaint many of us have with goggles is that they tend to be large (visual range requirement) and somewhat heavy.

The secret remedy to this is a type of goggles that isn’t really a typical pair of goggles – we at SwissCorps call it a mask because it is inspired by the optics used by military pilots.

We have designed a superlight goggle/mask with a truly effective antifungal lens, and a VLT optimized for the most common condition of skiing. The amazing part in the story is that these goggles (Model M4S) cost around $25, and provide an amazing alternative to the fancier/heavier/larger goggles that are nice to have but perhaps not all the time…

So you have it, the best ski goggles aren’t really goggles, there a mask which is much lighter, much closer to the face, incredibly enjoyable to wear all day long.

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