Best ski size based on height and level

Not only beginners but also expert skiers wonder about the optimal / best size for their skis, which is based on a number of factors: level /type of skier purpose (racing vs all purpose) preferred type of snow (groomed vs powder), taking into account iciness and slushiness last but not least, height and even weight of […]

What is ski camber and rocker shape?

Even experienced skiers are confused by the evolving shape of skis, both seen from above (parabolic shape, width) as well as sideways. This SwissCorps article will help clarify what this is all about and what kind of equipment to bring depending on the proposed deployment. We are adapting a great article from Wagner Custom Ski […]

Tutorials: Becoming an Expert Skier

There are a few amazing videos that have a proven record of helping average skier become impressive carvers on the slopes. We recommend the following:  

Skiing Around the World: Swiss Pass

Last April, the news seemed incredible! Today, MAGIC PASS has become reality for the 81’538 happy holders of the magic ticket. The new MAGIC PASS concept offers a single season ticket for 25 ski resorts. After 5 months of pre-sales, the results are super encouraging as the increase in the number of season tickets sold is already at […]

Skiing Around the World: Ikon Pass

North America’s top mountain destinations have joined together to offer skiers and riders the Ikon Pass uniting 12 destinations from Alterra Mountain Company and 11 premier destination partners. The Ikon Pass gives skiers and riders the opportunity to access nearly 50,000 skiable acres of unique terrain across the continent, with pass privileges that range from […]