Ted Ligety Retirement 2019/2020

Ted Ligety Retirement 2019/2020

Perhaps we should blame attend himself starting the rumor by announcing his retirement on Facebook… On April 1, 2019. It was meant to be a joke but perhaps it is on Ted’s mind.

Ted finished the year with a 9th position at the Andorra giant slalom. It is not what Ted is hoping for but it is still a top 10 finish, which is encouraging considering the competition and the road to recovery.

Admittedly, Ted’s performance at the World Cup in Sweden (GS) was not up to his past performance standards; but finishing 11th could mean either going up a notch next year (202) or – maybe – that it is really impossible at this point in Ted’s life to fully recover his past and amazing performances in GS.

At SwissCorps, we are pretty sure that Ted will ski one more year and it will be a treat to see Mr. GS attempt a fantastic finish to his amazing career. After all, some of competition the might be out of the way in 2020, including Marcel Hirscher…

Below: a recent interview with Ted Ligety about 2019, injuries, etc.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyXYQ-MUmco”]