M1S Googles (Dark Grey Band)




These SwissCorps top-of-the-line military-grade goggles feature a complete set with 3 magnetic lenses for all weather conditions:

  • deep blue VLT ~18% (default) for general use
  • silver mirror/gray polarized VLT ~8% for very sunny and bright conditions
  • clear red VLT ~76% for night skiing and darker conditions.

This set also includes a SwissCorps EVA case with accessories.

The elastic band features QuickSnap attachment and high-quality thermal transfer printing with SwissCorps logo and camouflage pattern.

These goggles are fully aligned with the SwissCorps motto: “Military-grade equipment for extreme readiness.”

Please also note that SwissCorps has a policy of presenting products as they really are out-of-the-box, without adding Photoshop images (landscapes, etc) onto the lenses.

Product videos, registration forms, and other care information can be found on SwissCorps web site.